Lighting Design

The light, as fourth dimension of architecture, changes the perception of any space and architecture. The light is an instrument to beautify buildings, to make them visible, enjoyable and livable. The lighting project is the core of any lighting design concept. With the latest generation software and the use of proper photometries it is possible to get a realistic simulation of the light behavior. We are having the qualified experience department of lighting design to give the best professional solution to his customers. The rendering is an incredible simulation tool that helps to find a common language with the non-insiders, decoding a concept into visual. Together with the photorealistic simulations, the "artistic" side of the planning, the lighting verifications assure the correct quantity of light, checking the darkest and brightest zones and guaranteeing the safety and the visual comfort. Our lighting department, with the help of the most advanced three-dimensional softwares, creates visual books to better convey the ideas of designers and specifiers.